Coping with Divorce

Life events, such as divorce, may call for alterations to your financial strategy.

The end of a marriage is also the beginning of a new financial life. Reconsidering your financial arrangements -- whether or not your income will be reduced -- should be a top priority as you adjust to your new circumstances.

Some life events you can anticipate, while others, like divorce, are unplanned.

Divorce will affect your household finances, your investment strategy, and even your vision of the future. It can be a complicated and challenging process in which details are easily overlooked. Protecting your financial health during this time is crucial.

Therefore, your retirement plan should be reviewed and modified.

After a major development in your life, such as divorce, your plan should be reviewed; its priorities and objectives may need to be reevaluated. It is better to address any changes now, rather than regretting not meeting your financial goals in the future.

This is when meeting with an experienced financial planner counts.

We can help you through this difficult time as well as adjust plans in response to this unexpected change. Tom is prepared to help you through the divorce and life transition. Tom has been through the process himself and understands the difficult changes that must be made both personally and financially.

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